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Tecnovinil SRL - Products
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Tecnovinil SRL has been producing thermoplastic compounds for many uses and processes for forty years, to the great satisfaction of its customers.

The main material for the compounds complying with Tecnovinil SRL standards is PVC to which other polymers such as Rubber, Polyurethane, Eva can be added.

Our compounds are divided into three types of use in processing:

  • EXTRUSION: Sectors of profiles, electric cables, telecommunications and robotics.
  • MOLDING: Sectors of various gaskets and molding.
  • CALENDERING: Sectors of sheets and strips of various widths.

Profiles sector

Plasticized PVC also resistant to UV and low temperatures with hardnesses from Shore A 40 to Shore A 90

Energy, signal and telecommunications cables sector

Plasticized PVC with special chemical additives and suitable products to achieve the technical characteristics in accordance with the international standards required by customers.
Our main recognition acronyms are:

  • TG for normal operating temperatures (70°C - 80°C)
  • TH for high operating temperatures (90°C - 105°C - 125°C)
  • TI for Insulation use
  • PAF and GAF ​​flame retardants (high LOI)

Tapes and Cloths Sector

Soft PVC for linear extrusion with hardnesses from Shore A 40 to Shore A 70

All our PVCs are produced with raw materials that comply with REACH and ROHS standards in the electrocommunication sector. Some items are suitable for food contact according to FDA regulations..

The high professionalism of the technical sector of Tecnovinil SRL and of the workers guarantee customers full satisfaction with the quality of the product, delivery times and the right quality / price ratio.

The Technical Service is always available to study special compounds with specific and customized compositions for the customer.

The controls on the finished products are guaranteed by the Laboratory Service which, thanks to the long experience in the sector and the current modern equipment, guarantees that the finished product, in granular form, complies with the required standards and that the production is in accordance with its own policy. of the certified quality CSQ Certiquality.

Tecnovinil SRL, in order to pursue an ecological containment of consumption, uses clean energy from its own self-production and from renewable sources.

Granuli in PVC con spaccato di cavi
PVC granules with cross-section of cables

Granuli in materiale plastico
Plastic granules
Granules used for the creation of profiles, cable sheaths, automotive elements, molding.

Granuli vari in PVC di vario colore
Various PVC granules of various colors

Profilati di estrusione
Extrusion profiles
PVC profiles for quality control and analysis of the material during its production phase.

Laboratory tools

Tool for determining the fluidity index of plastic materials.

Stufa per invecchiamento
Aging stove
Tool designed to predict the state of wear, the presence of internal damage and weak points of the PVC by accelerating environmental conditions through controlled increases in temperature, forced and / or natural air recirculation.

Instrumentation suitable for measuring the tensile strength of the material.

Fornetto di essicazione
Drying oven
Tool for measuring the loss of moisture within the material under examination, which is important for the qualitative analysis and workability of the finished product.


Production machine